Business-Class Email for Small Business

Appriver Business Grade E-Mail

Aeros IT Group has been a top 3 provider of Appriver E-Mail services for more than 10 years. Their exceptional American and English-speaking support is what sets them apart from almost every other provider. Aeros IT works closely with Appriver to quickly fix issues, assist with setup and migration and provide quality e-mail services with more than 99% uptime. We provide these services to small businesses with small budgets all the way up to large organizations with 100+ mailboxes. Here are the services we provide through our partner.

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Microsoft Office 365

Whether your employees need to work remotely, connect with other teams globally, or edit files across any device, Microsoft 365 collaboration tools from AppRiver makes this possible. We offer all levels of Microsoft 365 and O365 plans. Whether you need O365 Business Premium, M365 Business or an upgrade to Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3, our team of Microsoft experts will help you choose the plan that’s right for you. Unlike other partners, our Appriver services team is composed of English-speaking engineers located right here in the United States. As one of the top Microsoft partners, Appriver goes above and beyond to help solve your business workplace needs.

E-Mail Threat Protection (Spam Protection) – Included!

All of our Office 365 accounts now come with SpamLab protection built in. Providing both inbound and outbound protection against time consuming spam e-mails or protection against phishing and malware threats, this robust set of filters is easy to optimize for your entire workplace.

E-Mail Encryption

Using proven policy filters, your emails and attachments are scanned automatically. If emails contain sensitive information, they can be encrypted or quarantined. Appriver is the only provider of fully transparent email encryption. Transparency removes extra steps and passwords, making secure email as easy as regular email for both senders and receivers. Removes the hassle of encrypted email, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure. Compliance with regulations and company policies is no longer a burden. If an email is quarantined, then employees, managers and IT receive notification to view the message and policy violations and can delete the email or justify and release it for delivery.

E-Mail Archiving 

Whether you are a municipality subject to FOIA requests or you just need to ensure that your e-mails across the entire organization are archived and protected, Unified Archiving allows you to automatically archive all digital communications from more than 48 electronic communication tools indefinitely. You determine how long messages are archived based on global or user-specific retention policies.